Elsus & Alison|| Fuck The Police




   It had a been a long day at work, hearing the chief bitch about the work ethnics of some workers. In the end, he was thankful to get out of there in one piece. If he didn’t know any better, the chief had horns underneath his hat today. Something was going on in his personal life to cause him to lash out - he was normally a relaxed yet stern man.

Coming home to see the trio and Andrew wasn’t much a surprise. Although it seemed that Alison was going home.

Or that was the plan.. His arrival had seemed to deter her from departure.

Oh fuck me. I wanted to relax..

He rolled his eyes at her, snorting slightly. "I’m pretty sure that the way you’re intending it is not the way most people say it for." There was a frown on his face, clear as day not in the mood for dealing with anyone’s antics, obviously.

His obvious discontent only served to encourage her. Of course, he seemed to be quite worn out so she would attempt to keep herself from pushing him too far. In fact, maybe she could be of some use to him instead of causing him more headaches, for once. 

"You know me too well," she replied with a grin. "Anyways, you look like a bus hit you. Allow me to help you relax?" 

She was surprised with herself, honestly. She didn’t usually offer up her services unless there was some benefit to her, but then again she was quite fond of Elsus. 

"I’m not sure I want to know what you mean by that.. and I might even regret asking.. But how are you going to help me relax?" Fighting with Alison would only escalate his stress even more. He figured giving her the attention she wanted would decrease the chances of getting into a spat. 

The trio on the ground hadn’t even noticed that he had arrived. They were far too into the board game that they were playing. Andrew, he could understand and perhaps even Haven since she was with him, but it was a little shocking to see Sinclair so into the game. He assumed this behavior had to do with the fact that he was playing with Andrew. 

Ah, the things people did for loved ones. It made him snicker slightly but he knew he’d be doing the same for Haven had the opportunity rose to make her smile. He was definitely one of those sappy morons. 

She lifted her hands to eye level, flexing her fingers and cocking a brow. “I don’t always have sex on the brain, you know.” Lie. “I was only offering to give you a massage. I’m really good with my hands~” And the proof of the lie. She couldn’t help herself, really. Though she was telling the truth. She was only offering him a massage at the moment. 

She noticed his attention shift to the three on the ground and she shook her head with a smile. “You’re not worried about your little girlfriend getting jealous are you?” 


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Ok, but have you considered…


  • The guy living below me has a really loud alarm clock that always wakes me up at the ass crack of dawn AU
  • I went to investigate a scream and found my neighbour standing on a chair to avoid a rat/cockroach/snake AU
  • My neighbour has a really squeaky bed and my bedroom is right below theirs AU
  • Someone keeps stealing my doormat AU
  • My pet tarantula escaped and I forgot to warn the guy below me who is scared of spiders AU
  • I need you to pet sit my pet this weekend and I forgot to mention it’s a giant snake, the mice are in the freezer, thanks bye! AU
  • The apartment above me has left their tape on or something and water is LEAKING THROUGH MY CEILING WTF! AU
  • My neighbour’s sister got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment AU
  • The guy next door/my roommate always steals my coffee, so I started to make extra AU

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"What did you just call me?" -Alison // oh look she finally gets some interaction; Idk what elsus has in store; or which one it is .___.





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9. Coward

"I don’t believe I stuttered, Mr. Snow King. I called you a coward. I mean, you froze your whole kingdom….why? Because you had powers that you couldn’t control? Big deal, all demons start out that way and we learn to control them."

She was one to talk. Her powers were still vastly underdeveloped, not to mention she didn’t know how to use half of them. She supposed the spiteful words came from being scorned one to many times. His ability to resist her was something of a nuisance. 

"Oh, giving up already?" He sounded as if he was genuinely disappointed. But of course, being the man that he was - he was anything but. Watching a prisoner’s spirit break was the best thing about the entire situation. The hope fading from their face, disappearing completely from their eyes; it was exhilarating. 

"Death would be far too generous of me. I’ll just leave you here, along with that brother of yours. Twins, chained to the wall for as long as I desire. Doesn’t that sound absolutely marvelous?~"

"Sounds lovely," Alison sighed. Of course she was giving up, he had already made it clear that he was more powerful than her. There wasn’t really much else she could do….

Due to her weakened state, it took her longer than it should have to notice the small figure cloaked in shadows making quick work of Sinclair’s bindings. Maybe there was still hope after all. Though, their rescuer was just a tab bit stupid to try to save them while Elsus was still in the room. She would have to try and distract him. 

With slightly renewed strength, she struggled against her restraints, hissing at how the ice burned because of how cold it was. “Actually, it doesn’t sound lovely! Let us go, you monster!”

The man across from them was unconscious which made his chains rattling a little odd. Elsus snarled, launching an icicle into the intruder’s leg. Did they really think that invading the room that he still resided in was a grand idea? He rolled his eyes at the nonsense, assuming that it was their little sister. Of course it didn’t surprise him that she’d try to release the man first.

After all, didn’t these two have friction between them? A much simpler way would of been to knock him out, release the woman and then cart their unconscious brother out. Their little sister wasn’t planning on just leaving their sister here now, was she? That truly had the malicious intent, the heartlessness. She could of been useful. It was too bad she’d mostly likely never honestly join him.

"Now who do I have the honor of meeting? It wouldn’t happen to be Haven Ashwood, sister to these two cretins?"

Alison heard a scream fill the air as the ice embedded itself into Haven’s leg. It took her a moment to realize that the scream came from her own mouth and not that of the younger girl’s. She knew her attempt at distraction had been feeble at best, but she had thought it would buy them at least a little time. Apparently not. 

Haven, on the other hand, didn’t make a single noise. Not when the ice struck her, and not when she pulled it from her leg, heating it to the point where it simply evaporated. At his question, she pulled her hood back, her crimson eyes intense as they locked on his. 

"Haven! Get out of here! Come back with help!" Alison shouted at her little sister, uselessly. She knew there was no hope. Haven wasn’t the type to tuck tail and run, especially when she was pissed. 

Ignoring her, Haven bowed, though there was something mocking in the overly extravagant display. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Majesty.” There was no emotion behind her tone, which scared Alison. She had never seen her younger sister like this. So cold when she usually ran so hot. She couldn’t get a read on the younger girl at all. 

Haven walked forward, positioning herself so that she was directly in front of her brother. She stopped only a few feet away from Elsus. “I want Sinclair. You can keep Alison, but I want my brother.” 

The words hurt, but Alison wasn’t surprised. She had almost let the girl die, doing nothing to try to help her. Why should she return a favor that was never paid in the first place? In the end, it didn’t matter. If Haven and Sinclair got out okay that would be fine. She would accept that.