Challenge: Fluster my muse until they can’t speak!


Cuddle them, kiss them, nibble their neck, tickle them, whisper dirty things in their ear, use all their romantic dreams and sexual fantasies against them! If you succeed, your muse gets a special prize- my muse will do anything they say for 24 hours!

‘❤’ - Haven // sweet jesus my attention span is whoosh rn

nsfw ship meme.

who is louder?

Erm, probably Haven? The only thing is, she’d be embarrassed by the noises, so it’d probably take some work to get her voice out. 

who is more experimental?

I think they’d both be about the same amount? Like, they’d both be open to trying a few things out. 

who takes more risks?

Haaaaaa-ven? Or maybe Elsus? I’m not really sure on this question. Probably the same as the last question, they take them in equal measure? I dunno

do they fuck or make love?

Both, leaning more towards fucking? onlybecausehavenisafreakandlikesitrough

lights on or off?

Lights on, more often than not. Despite her inherent embarrassment, Haven would want to see his face and whatnot and I feel Elsus would be the same. They’d want to admire each other.  

who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

Elsus? Because Haven would be too embarrassed; like, ‘nooooooo, I can’t touch myself, what the fuck’ 

who comes first?

Yeah, that would be Haven.

who is better at oral and who prefers it?

I’m gonna go with Elsus for both. 

who is more submissive?

I think I already answered this question in a different meme, but Haven would technically be the more submissive of the two. I say ‘technically’ because she’s not exactly submissive; she’d be provoking Elsus the whole time to make him get rough with her.

who usually initiates things?

Elsus; although if Haven is drunk she can get pretty sexually aggressive. 

who is more sensitive

Haven; though I’m sure Elsus has his sensitive spots. 

{ 666 }

"Honestly, you’re rude and arrogant and a jerk, and yet I can’t seem to find it in me to leave you alone. I don’t know what it is, you’re not the first man I’ve met with the willpower to turn me down, but you are the only one I’ve ever wanted to stick around afterwards." She smiled, shrugging.

"I don’t know what it is, but either way, you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon~" She winked, blowing a kiss. 

{ 420 }


"You are a very curious human. I still cannot comprehend why you would ever love someone like me." Sinclair paused, giving his next words careful consideration before speaking. Too many times before, something that he had said could be taken to mean something else. This time he wanted his words and the intention behind them to be clear. 

"You are my life now. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you, not a breath that I take that I don’t wish I could give it to you so that we would have more time together." Another pause, such a gentle and sweet smile touching his lips. "I love you." 

Alison -

"To be honest, I don’t understand my siblings’ infatuation with you. Sure, you’re cute and fun to tease at times, but love? I just don’t believe that degree of affection is warranted for a weak human who will only be around for a very short portion of our long lifespan." She shrugged, though, despite her nonchalance with her words, there was a slight sneer on her face. 

The demon was jealous. 

Haven -

"When I first met you I never thought we would become so close, but we did and you can’t begin to comprehend how happy that makes me." A huge grin overtook her features, the happiness she felt radiating off of her in waves.

"You’re the most kind, compassionate person I’ve ever met (despite your jealously, which I can totally understand), and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else in this whole entire world. You’re my best friend and I love you so much!" 

* // B)

"If he tries anything with Haven I will destroy him." The demon then when on to explain in vivid detail just how, exactly, he would destroy the blonde, but everyone looked away, the same knowing expression etched onto their features. - Sinclair //pffft, poor Sin

"Hoooot blondieeee! Buuuutttt, Havey likes himmmmm." Alison smiled, humming slightly. "Heee’s fuuuun to meeesss wiithhh thooouughhh!"  - Alison

"I- I- I-" The female trailed off, unable to get the words out, her head spinning. Trying again, they came out rushed and slurred. "I looooovve ‘im sooooo muccchhhhhh, m’kay?! ‘ikkke sooooooooo much! ‘eemakesmesooooohotan’botherrrredan’Iloooooovvve’im!" - Haven 

* - Alison // seeee im being nice pfffft (only because the other two haven't really done anything with sasuke so it makes no sense tbh )

"He’s a jeeeeeerkk! Jerk, jerk, jerk!" Alison paused, red faced and giggling slightly despite the anger she was feeling. "He’s a prrrrreeeeeeetttttyyyyy hoooooott jerk thooouugghhh~" 

Domestic starter sentences/a little fluffy - put one in my askbox for my muse’s reaction


  • "Can’t we just stay home today?"
  • "It’s 2 in the afternoon, we should really stop cuddling and get out of bed."
  • "Don’t answer it — it’s probably your boss and you’re mine today."
  • "You’re so cute when you’re sleepy."
  • "Welcome home, I made you dinner!"
  • "I accidentally brought a kitten home."
  • "Get your spoon out the bowl! There’ll be no cake mix left to make actual cakes with!"
  • "Let’s both take a day off on Wednesday and have a day out."




Do you ever stop and realize that the average person doesn’t know what a ship is or what canon means.

We probably just all sound like pirates.


❤ - like sincrew dawg pfffft

nsfw ship meme.

who is louder?

Pffft, Andrew 

who is more experimental?

Errr, probably Andrew? I feel like after he got more comfortable with the sexual part of their relationship he’d just be like ‘Hey. Hey, Sinny. Let’s try this.’ XD

who takes more risks?

Again, that would be Andrew. Sinclair would be too worried about hurting him or any other adverse effects. 

do they fuck or make love?

Make love? Although I feel like if Andrew provoked him enough, Sinclair would just go to town on poor Andrew :’D

lights on or off?

Most likely off

who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

Andrew >_>

who comes first?

Definitely Andrew XD

who is better at oral and who prefers it?

I’d say Sinclair is better and Andrew’s prefers it? Yeah. 

who is more submissive?

Andrew. I don’t think Sinclair has a submissive bone in his body :’D

who usually initiates things?

Probably Sinclair, although I feel like there might be times when Andrew would try to initiate it in the most roundabout way possible. 

who is more sensitive?